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In-Home Music Lessons in Edmonton
Piano / Guitar / Voice

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do lessons take place?

Lessons take place in the student’s home.

Which instruments do you teach?

We offer piano lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons and violin lessons.

In what areas do you teach?

We teach in all areas of Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and St. Albert, provided that there are teachers available.

How do I pay for lessons?

Tuition for the first month, plus a $25 registration fee (per family) must be paid before the first lesson takes place. Payments may be made by MasterCard or Visa.

Why should my child take music lessons?

Learning an instrument is a truly rewarding experience that will help your child build motor skills and increase their self-confidence. A great deal of research has found that playing an instrument helps to develop the part of the brain used for mathematics, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Our teachers go to great lengths to keep this process fun and rewarding so that their students will continue to play throughout their lives.

What is a good age to begin music lessons?

We recommend that students are at least five years old to begin lessons. Guitar lessons are best when children are a bit older.

Do you have lessons for adults?

Yes! We have many adults who are beginners at playing a musical instrument or singing.

Do you have recitals and must my child participate?

A Spring Recital is held in May of each year. Participating is not mandatory.

How much does my child need to practice?

That will depend on the child and the expectations of the parents and teacher. As with anything in life, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Your teacher will discuss practice expectations with you.

We don’t have a piano, what should we buy?

An acoustic piano is a huge investment, and certainly not needed for beginning lessons. Many parents purchase keyboards to use during lessons and for practicing. When purchasing a keyboard, be sure to look for one with 88 weighted keys. If you purchase an acoustic piano, please be sure that you get it tuned regularly.

How long are the lessons?

Lessons can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length. 30-minute lessons, once a week, is a good way to start. Lessons can be extended if needed, and be arranged by talking to your teacher and the Key Mobile Music office. Extra fees apply when lesson times are extended.